Covering all the bases, from our easy to prepare soup bases to our scrumptious sauces, everything ED Foods manufactures abides by the same strict standards of quality, safety and great taste.

LUDA Inspiration: The Perfect Meal Starts with the Right Base

LUDA Inspiration is a complete line of the finest dehydrated products available to the Food Industry. All the recipes for LUDA Inspiration products were expertly crafted to not only be exquisite, but also quick and simple to prepare. Our LUDA Inspiration products will help you develop versatile, delicious, and trendy menu options to go beyond the expectations of a gourmet clientele. The LUDA Inspiration products are instant, do not contain articifial colour, and are trans fat free. Also, many LUDA Inspiration products are low in fat, vegan, vegetarian, void of added msg and artificial flavour, steam table stablefreeze-thaw stable, and certified gluten free by the Canadian & U.S. Celiac Associations.





LUDA H: Good Health Starts with the Right Base

With LUDA H, less is more. Low in sodium and in fat, our LUDA H products are also void of trans fat, artificial colours and flavours, and do not contain added MSG, because we know you want to serve high quality foods to your guests. What is more, all the products in the LUDA H line are certified gluten free by the Canadian Celiac Association, offering you a safe option for your guests suffering from celiac disease or following a gluten free diet for health reasons. Our LUDA H products will help you develop versatile, delicious, and trendy menu options to meet the needs of a clientele with dietary restrictions or that is simply health conscious.





LUDA Original: The Base of Good Taste

LUDA Original is a line of classic soup bases and mixes as well as sauce, gravy, and seasoning mixes based on authentic, home-style recipes that have stood the test of time. LUDA Original products will conjure up the notion of family dinners and comfort food for your customers. Easy to prepare, most of LUDA original products are steam table stable, freeze-thaw stable, trans fat free, and do not contain artificial flavour or colour.





LUDA ED: The Base of our Traditions

LUDA ED is a line of soup and sauce bases and mixes made in Québec and specifically created to allow you to recreate the Québécois cuisine classics. All the LUDA ED products’ recipes were expertly crafted by Québécois chefs to ensure an authentic flavour. You can always count on LUDA ED products for their reliability, consistency, deliciousness, and cost effectiveness. Simple to prepare and trans fat free, LUDA ED products do not require skilled labour.





LUDA Booster: Versatile. Flavourful. 

LUDA Booster is a line of highly versatile and trendy flavour highlighters inspired by great chefs around the world. Our LUDA Boosters help you achieve maximum results with minimal effort: create luscious foods of the world, authentic and consistent in taste and appearance without having to mix seasonings, spices and other flavourings. LUDA Boosters cut down your ingredient inventories as their ready to use instant-dissolve formula can be added to soups, sauces, dips, rubs or sprinkled as a finishing touch. Convenient, versatile, certified gluten free by the Canadian Celiac Association, trans fat free, low in sodium and containing minimal allergens, our line of LUDA Boosters will help you integrate the Brazilian, Caribbean, Greek, Indian, Italian, Mexican, Moroccan, and Thai flavour profiles into your menu.





LUDA EDF: Culinary Solutions for Food Processors

LUDA EDF is a line of powdered mixes and concentrated stocks sold in large formats to best serve processors’ needs. From ready to use recipes to time saving pre-mixes, all LUDA EDF products are guaranteed to be consistent every batch.





LUDA Pro: Creating Food Products with Recognizable Ingredients Starts with a Clean Base

LUDA PRO is a line of “clean label”, meat first bases containing only essential ingredients and that are flavorful, simple, and efficient to use. For your convenience and storage needs, LUDA PRO products come either in a concentrated paste or in a dry base. Our LUDA PRO bases are free of declarable allergens, are certified gluten free by the Canadian and U.S. Celiac Associations, and contain no artificial colors, flavors and no added MSG. LUDA PRO bases will help you develop versatile, delicious, and trendy processed foods to go beyond the expectations of informed and health-conscious consumers.






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