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Taste. Innovation. Creativity. These ingredients are essential in supplying products to the food service industry. Nonetheless, every food service professional- from distributor to processor, from restaurant owner to institutional operator, from chef to quick-service chain manager- will agree that the real key is reliability.


Since 1951, we specialize in manufacturing soup bases, soup mixes, seasonings and gravy mixes and we are Canada’s foremost private label expert and the only Canadian company manufacturing ‘meat first’ concentrated soup stocks in paste format. Our long history of offering gluten free, vegetarian, sodium reduced and other specialized products make us a top choice among North American chefs, buyers and their entire organizations. Our custom-designed 45,000 square feet manufacturing facility has a gold-rated HACCP food-safety program and is SQF-2000 certified.

Solutions come from just about anywhere in our family-owned organization.
Our R & D department works hand in hand with you to develop private label products customized to your needs.
Our Creative Culinary Centre tests new recipes and menu solutions to respond to a culinary trend you’ve spotted.
Our packaging department customizes alternatives for you.







ED’s commitment is to provide you with real solutions in a partnership founded on knowledge-based expertise, mutual respect and understanding and, yes, proven reliability.


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